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    Beatbuddy Mini 2 - Drum Machine Pedal

    The BeatBuddy MINI 2 drummer pedal is a more compact and affordable version of the award winning BeatBuddy drummer pedal. It’s used by School of Rock, Taylor Robinson Guitar, Frost School of Music (University of Miami), and more as a tool for efficient and engaging practice.

    The ability to play along with beats sampled from professional drummers and control them with nothing but your feet will help you improve your musical talent faster than ever before. Most importantly, the fun you’ll be having along the way will keep you coming back for more.


    High-quality 16-bit sound and samples of professional drummers.

    Same core functionality and samples as the BeatBuddy drummer pedal in a smaller, more affordable package.

    No programming necessary for live, hands-free control of the beat.

    Works with any sound system and any instrument.

    An ergonomic button that’s perfect for jamming or practicing in socks or barefoot.


    Beatbuddy Mini 2 - Drum Machine Pedal


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