April 08, 2021 2 min read

Misha Mansoor is a man who needs little introduction. His modern metal stylings have paved the way for new playing techniques and advancements that further develop one of the most unique and exciting genres/playing styles in heavy music today, "djent". Unless you've been living under a rock for the past 10 years, Periphery have been juggernauts of the genre, so when a new Misha Mansoor signature model comes out, we all stop what we are doing and check it out. 

We spent our morning today diving into the new Jackson release, the Juggernaut ET6 & ET7 which feature one of the most exciting technological advancements in guitar modifications in the last 5+ years, the EVERTUNE. Being the most obvious new feature in Misha's new signature arsenal, let's start at explaining why modern players worldwide are jumping for joy at the sight of this super advanced bridge. 

The Evertune Bridge does simply as the name suggests, it always stays in tune. It isn't affected by weather, how hard you strum the strings or even if you fiddle with the tuning pegs or bend the string on the neck (unless you want it to). It is a bridge that has recording engineers everywhere ecstatic, as well as the touring musician! You can release the tension in the unit to allow for a certain level of pitch bending, if you want to bend a note for example, otherwise if the unit is set properly, you can bend the 12th fret up a tone and a half and still hear no difference in pitch. It is an incredible unit and as such usually very costly, especially after having it properly installed by an authorised technician, so having this feature on a moderately priced instrument is a massive win! 

Another common feature appearing on guitars across brands everywhere is the very welcomed caramelised (baked, cooked, roasted, whatever you wanna call it) maple neck. This process strengthens the neck and leaves it less susceptible to going out of tune or bowing. It also creates more attack, similar to that of Rosewood or Ebony which is very useful in a rock/metal guitar's voicing. Also featured on the neck of these guitars are luminescent inlays for easy viewing when performing on stage. 

Not willing to sacrifice tone, Mansoor spent considerable time working with Jackson to develop the Jackson MM1 pickups. These super-charged humbuckers produce a balanced sonic landscape with plenty of dynamics, and by leaving them uncovered, there’s an added and distinct brightness that remains articulate under heavy picking. A five-way pickup blade switch, single volume control and single tone control with push/pull select feature allows for multiple tonal variations and exploration.

This guitar is available in both 6 and 7 string offerings which is a massive bonus for those looking to achieve those lower tunings. Jackson may have just come out of the gate with the best value for money modern metal guitar available on the market today. Listen, if it's good enough for Misha, it's more than good enough for us!