April 16, 2021 2 min read

In 2013, Fender reissued an exciting range of amplifiers, the '68 Customs. That range featured some of Fender's most popular amplifiers including The Princeton, Deluxe Reverb & Twin Reverb. At a surface level you may think that the Custom 68's were a reissue of the extremely popular "silverface amps", however some big differences make this range of amplifier a perfect companion for modern players. These amplifiers work extremely well with pedals, and with the addition of Celestion speakers, allow these amplifiers to compete against modern amplifiers whilst still holding onto that retro charm. 

Today, Fender have announced a very exciting duo to the '68 Custom range, the ever popular and crowd favourites, the Vibro Champ Reverb & Pro Reverb. 

These little 5 watt amplifiers sure do pack a punch. Fender Vibro Champ amplifiers were extremely popular in their heyday because they were the only amp under 12 watts that still had that tube tone, along with Reverb & Tremelo onboard. So what have Fender changed? Well, as mentioned earlier, Celestion Speakers can be found in all '68 Custom amps. In the Vibro Champ you will find a 10" Celestion TEN30. The larger speaker combined with the low end capabilities of the TEN30 give this small amp a BIG feel to make it the perfect home amp or addition to your studio. A hall reverb has also been added to this model and we are dying to hear how beautiful it shapes the new Vibro Champ Reverb! SHOP HERE.

The Fender Pro Reverb made its debut in 1965 and dazzled Fender Fanatics for close to 20 years before being taken out of production. The masses have spoken and Fender have responded with the glorious return of the Pro Reverb, not without some new features however. This 40 watt gig machine features a 12" Celestion NEO Creamback which shares all the amazing characteristics of a regular Creamback (low end punch, sweet midrange and shimmering high end) but with the newly engineered neodymium magnet which makes the speaker half that of it's ceramic brother's weight. Also featured in the Pro Reverb's tone pot is the mid EQ which wasn't featured in the original launch in the 60s, which gives the player an extended range to dial in those perfect tones. SHOP HERE.

The Pro Reverb & Vibro Champ Reverb are perfect additions to round out the Fender '68 Custom range. Already announced and on sale are the Princeton, Deluxe Reverb & Twin Reverb amps. Shop the whole collection HERE