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    Introducing the Tom DeLonge Signature Starcaster: a masterpiece born from the Fender Custom Shop to meet the precise demands of its namesake artist. Now available to the public, this guitar quickly ascended to cult classic status with its distinctive design and powerful sound.

    The Tom DeLonge Starcaster features an eye-catching offset semi-hollow body finished in satin, giving it a sleek, modern aesthetic. It's equipped with a Seymour Duncan® SH-5 Duncan Custom™ humbucker pickup, delivering a high-octane sound ideal for robust power chords and rich, textured riffs. Yet, the design doesn't sacrifice clarity for power. A single master volume control with a treble bleed circuit ensures that you maintain the guitar's crisp, high-end sparkle, even at lower volumes.

    This model boasts a series of premium specifications for unmatched playability and performance. The neck, shaped in a comfortable modern “C” profile, is paired with a rosewood fingerboard boasting a 12” radius and medium jumbo frets for effortless play. For tuning stability that can take the rigors of the road, it comes with Fender locking tuners and a fully adjustable bridge with a stop tailpiece.

    But the uniqueness of the Tom DeLonge Starcaster extends beyond its specs. Exclusive touches include DeLonge's custom artwork adorning the back of the headstock and a specially designed neck plate, adding a personal flair to each instrument. Available in a variety of finishes — Satin Olympic White, Satin Shell Pink, Satin Surf Green, and Satin Shoreline Gold — there's a Starcaster to match any aesthetic.

    This is more than just a guitar; it's the instrument Tom DeLonge chooses for his performances, embodying the energy and spirit of his music. Experience the fusion of iconic design and sonic power with the Tom DeLonge Signature Starcaster.