March 17, 2021 2 min read

Okay, so we are all a sucker for that large flake sparkle Gretsch. So what more is there to be excited about by this new '89 Vintage Select Duo Jet? 

For those that were keeping track with the music scene in the 90s, you would no doubt see a lot of familiarity between these instruments and the ones tearing up the Pacific Northwest grunge movement that overtook the music world at that time. So what made these guitars so popular at that time and why did they make such great grunge instruments when so often viewed as a rockabilly/jazz instrument for so long? In true punk fashion, let's tear this instrument apart and see what makes it tick. 

The G6128T & G6129T both flaunt chambered mahogany bodies with maple laminated tops. This combination is very common for Gretsch Jet models and provide a great mid tone and punch. We can see why a grunge player would see this fondly. Mainly because, who wouldn't want that from their guitar? Something that will cut through the mix. It's worth noting that the chambering technique used on these guitars is period correct to how it was being done in the late 80s, which is a big tick for those tone hunters out there seeking vintage perfection. No surprise that Gretsch paired these guitars with a Maple neck with a Rosewood board, a winning combination for definition and attack. Does anyone else notice the headstock? The bigger late 80s styled headstock with the infamous horseshoe? Take our money. 

Fitted with a TV Jones Classic in the neck and TV Jones Classic Plus in the bridge, these pickups are meant to be as close to the Ray Butts Filter'Trons used at the time. The Gretsch Filter'Tron has changed over the last 30 years, it would have been easy to leave their present day Filter'Tron's in but the addition of the TV Jones is one of the decisions that has us jumping for joy. These guitars are going to snarl with these pickups and we cannot wait to plug them into something with some vintage gain and CRANK IT. 

As far as the switching and controls are concerned, nothing out of the ordinary here. A 3-way toggle for the pickup selection, a master volume, neck & bridge volume and a maser tone. 

Here is a full list of the specs to get yourself fully acquainted with these grunge devils. Besides the finishes, the specs for the G6128T and G6129T are the same.