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    Yamaha EAD10 Electronic Acoustic Drum Module

    Just attach the EAD10 sensoer to any acoustic drum and you have a high-quality stereo image of your entire kit in seconds. You can instantly hear studio quality sound from your headphone or PA system.

    And you can record the sound to the module, smart device, USB flash drive or computer.

    The module is intuitive to operate with volume, reverb, effects, and trigger sounds all controllable just by turning a knob and it can instantly transforms your acoustic drum sound.

    You can also make hybrid drum kit easily by connecting additional trigger or pads.

    The EAD10 allows you to play along with your favorite artists from your music library. The free iOS/Android app Rec'n'Share allows you to create stunning audio and video easily share it directly from your mobile device.


    • 50 preset/200 user Scenes. transform your acoustic drum sounds dynamically.
    • Just attach the EAD10 sensor to the bass drum and you can pick up overall drum sounds.
    • With the free iOS app you can practice, shoot, edit and upload videos of your drum performances.