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    Steve Gadd - Gaddiments Book

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    In this, the first drum book he has written, music legend Steve Gadd presents a series of rudimental passages inspired by his time in drum corps and love of the rudiments. Each exercise is based on a classic or contemporary rudiment. It's then displaced by starting on different subdivisions of the beat. This creates new rhythms without changing the sticking. All of the solos are written in a way that reinforce the understanding and importance of phrasing.

    Includes 36 themes/concepts and 85 individual exercises, each with an accompanying video demonstration.

    The book has been painstakingly hand-engraved at Steve's request, to bring a comfortable and classic look to the pages. The layout and detail of each page was designed by Gadd specifically to make it clear and easy to read. These features are reflective of a man who has read thousands of charts and played on some of the most important recordings of our time.

    Accompanying the book is a full set of videos with Steve demonstrating each exercise.

    Drum set, drum corps, classical drummers and drum teachers will be inspired. This book will improve your technique, phrasing, groove, and rhythmic vocabulary.