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    Sabian HHX Evolution Pack - 14/16/20+18 O-zone

    HHX is the bomb. They are dark cymbals that cut. Before HHX, that just wasn’t possible, but we made it happen. Evolution, Legacy, and now Complex – these are cymbals that continue to set the standard for dark sounds in cymbals.

    Blending the thin, explosive sound of the HHX X-Treme Crashes with the crisp definition, retro sound and feel of the HHX Groove Hats and HHX Groove Ride this new promotional set will cut in virtually any musical setting. Tonally complex, and a go to for creative drummers, this combination of cymbals provides gorgeous dark sounds for modern music.

    Evolution Pack Includes

    • 14 HHX Evolution hi-hats
    • 16 HHX Evolution crash
    • 20 HHX Evolution ride
    • + 18 HHX O-Zone crash




    Cymbal Type

    Cymbals Set

    Metal Type

    B20 Bronze


    14 Hi-Hat, 16 Crash, 20 Ride, 18 O-zone Crash


    Medium top and a heavy bottom hihat

    Thin 16 Crash

    Medium-thin 20 Ride

    Thin 18 O-zone Crash


    Traditional/Brilliant finish

    Sound Character

    Crisp, defined, and cutting Hihat. Dark, Fast, Shimmering Sound. Warm, Explosive Response, Mid to low Pitch


    Medium to Loud Volume