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    Mapex PF1000TW Falcon 1000 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal

    The Falcon design was influenced and road tested by a team of artists who want an incredibly smooth feel and simple adjust-ability. The settings are dialled-in at the factory, so it feels good right out of the bag with only minor adjustments needed to fit individual tastes. That means more time playing and less time adjusting.


    • The interchangeable drives (sold separately part # ACF-DD, and ACF-SD) allow players to purchase only one pedal, but still have the freedom to experiment with the differences between chain, strap, and direct drive feels. It also enables double-pedal players to use different drives for each pedal to balance the feel between the left and right feet.
    • The interchangeable beater weights, variable foot-board height, and adjustable beater angle allow for simple and fine adjustment of torque and power.
    • The smaller size of the base-plate makes it easy to position a double-pedal around snare stand legs and closer to the hi-hat pedal.


    • Self-Adjusting Hoop Clamp
    • Interchangeable Beater Weights
    • Interchangeable Drives (sold separately part # ACF-DD, and ACF-SD)
    • Foot-board Height Adjustment
    • Reduced Base Plate Size
    • Beater Angle Adjustment