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    DW Design Series 12" Piccolo Tom

    Piccolo toms are a great method to add crisp and dramatic punctuation to your tom fills. Designed with legendary drummer Terry Bozzio, piccolo toms feature a 2.5-inch-deep chrome-plated steel shell with chrome lugs and heavy-duty TB12 mounting bracket.

    The chrome-plated finish looks incredible under stage lights. They're available in three different diameters from DW.

    A versatile add-on, they are available in 8, 10 and 12 diameters and are compact enough to fit easily into any set-up.


    • 2.5-deep steel shell with DW mini lugs
    • Heavy-duty TB12 mounting bracket included
    • Chrome-plated finish looks killer under stage lights
    • Compact enough to fit easily into any drum kit