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    Aquarian TBP12 Tru-Bounce Practice Pad

    The Tru-Bounce practice pad provides an active playing surface of specially selected neoprene for a true and accurate response. Comfortable to play on without the overly-springy feel of traditional gum rubber. Even at the softest volumes, each stick note is articulated and can be heard. The result is a more accurate rebound that helps to develop control, strength and speed. It makes you work a little harder (but not too hard) when practicing. Enclosed with the Tru-Bounce pad is a FREE pair of Power-Sleeve 5A drumsticks. Also included is a teacher approved rudiment sheet and two Fact Sheets by Roy Burns which cover some warm-up excersizes and tuning tips.


    • Free rudiment chart
    • Free power sleeve practice drumsticks
    • Free fact sheets
    • Teacher approved