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    Vater Keg 5A Wood Tip

    • Length: 16" | 40.64cm
    • Grip: 0.570" | 1.45cm
    • Tip: Keg/Barrel (Wood)
    • Wood Type: Hickory

    Same dimensions as our Los Angeles 5A but with a keg/barrel shaped tip for a defined cymbal articulation.

    “The shortened strike faces of the keg tips gave cymbal hits significantly more definition than the acorn tips I compared them to, and they also seemed to open up my toms, allowing extra low-end presence. I found both the 5A and 5B Kegs to be most at home in medium volume situations where lower dynamics could benefit from the boosted mids and lows.” – DRUM! Magazine

    “I love my Vater Keg 5A’s! The size and more importantly, the greatly balanced weight is a perfect match for not only myself but others who play this variation as well.” - ROOK [Machine Gun Kelly]

    Vater Keg 5A Wood Tip


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