MBA 4000

Sonor 4000 Series Mini Boom Arm

4000 Series: Professional, road-ready hardware at an unbeatable price. Equipped with lots of individual components, the 4000 Series is easy to set up, adjust and tear down.

Quick release: All 4000 cymbal stands / holder feature a new quick release, which makes change of cymbals and setting quick and easy.

Cymbal threads: SONOR changed all cymbal tilter threads from 6mm to 8mm industry standard.

Gearless cymbal tilter: The new cymbal tilter can be infinitely adjusted at any angle. The new lever screw adjusts the tilter with stronger force and can be moved out of the cymbals way independently.

New cymbal arms: All cymbal stands/ holders feature retractable, knurled boom arms. They can be set straight or as boom arms to enhance your setting possibilities.

New sturdy 2-segment tube clamp: The new sturdy 2-segment tube clamp provides super strong clamping force for any stage or studio situation.

New wing screw / wing nuts: New wing screw/ wing nuts design enforces grip on every connection (except the cymbal tilter).

Finish - Chrome Plated
Item Name - Mini Boom Arm
Series - Hardware 4000
Item Description - MBA 4000
Unit - 1 piece