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Yamaha Manu Katche Junior Plus Drum Kit With Cymbals & Hardware - Raven Black

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Yamaha Manu Katche Junior Plus Drum Kit Pack - Raven Black: 
  • 5-Piece Birch Shell Pack With 16"x15" Bass Drum, 13"x12" Floor Tom, 12"x7" & 10"x7" Tom Toms, and 12"x5" Snare (JK6F5RB)
  • Yamaha JK Hardware Pack (HWJK)
  • Paiste 101 Brass Essential Set Cymbal Pack (000014ES14) 14" Hi-Hats, 18" Crash/Ride (PLEASE NOTE TWO CRASH CYMBALS ARE PICTURED, BUT ONLY ONE CRASH CYMBAL IS INCLUDED IN PACK)
  • Yamaha Drum Stool (DS550)

A Junior Kit for any educational setting

The evolution of the concept of a “low-height junior kit that drummers can use for real performance,” the Junior Kit is a flexible drum kit adjustable to a wide range of heights, allowing anyone from small children to adults the world over to enjoy playing quality drums. On the advice of Yamaha artist Manu Katché, the number of toms has been increased from one to two, in a two-up one-down configuration. This was motivated by a desire to enable drummers to correctly play scores that use two toms as standard. Intended for use in educational settings, where other small diameter kits cannot be used satisfactorily, the Junior Kit will meet the needs of any performance situation.


Collaborated with Manu Katché sound

Small Kits with 2 toms

This kit features a two-tom layout, based on Manu Katché’s desire to create a kit for use in educational settings where scores with two-tom notation are standard. Although a small-diameter kit, this configuration is useful for drummers all over the world, allowing them to play performances that conform to the common standard.

Flexible kit height for everyone from children to adults

The Junior Kit is comfortable for adults to play, while children can play it with ease when set to its lowest height. This flexible configuration makes the Junior Kit a joy to play for both adults and children across the globe, in any performance setting.


Floating bass drum

The Junior kit comes equipped with a riser that can be adjusted to accommodate a range of heights, allowing performance with a floating bass drum set to the optimum height for the drummer.

The wide legs ensure the stability of the bass drum and feature rough surfaces to allow the pedal to be fastened firmly even when using metal hoops, and giving the kit a level of power that belies its small diameter.

All-birch shell

The Junior Kit offers the punch and power that is typical of birch kits. There is no undesirable spillover of sound, so adjacent drums do not interfere with each other. Perfect for recording situations, this distinctive birch sound allows each note you play to be clearly distinguished.

Hardware Set for the Junior Kit

Designed to be adjustable across a flexible range of heights, the Junior Kit’s hardware has been simplified to provide just the functionality needed while retaining its existing solidity, resulting in a lightweight construction. One set fits in a single box, making it extremely portable.