UFIP Experience Collection Blast 20" Extra Dry Crash

A New Concept! After continuous research and development, we have created the new and explosive sound of the Blast Crashes and Hi-Hats. These cymbals have a contemporary sound for today’s diverse music market. Hand made in Cast Bronze B20, the main design feature of the Blast cymbals is a double hammering process which incorporates both, traditional and new machine hammering procedures. The result is awesome! Bright and explosive, trashy and oriental with a very fast attack and short decay the crashes, full and powerful, loud and extremely dynamic the Hi-Hats. The Blast cymbals fit into all modern music styles and are perfect for Jungle, Drum and Bass and Electro.

Evolving from the amazing sound of the Blast, with the important contribution of our artist Iarin Munari, the new Blast Extra dry crashes  are still explosive but the unlathed surface and the big hammer marks produce a  dry and darker sound. Warm, easy to  control , with small “trashy” and oriental overtones, the Blast Extra Dry crashes  are the right choice for many different applications, from Jazz to Pop music, from Rock to Electro music