Orange Rockerverb 100 MKII - 100w Amplifier Head

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All Valve, channel-switching amplifier with ultra-transparent effects loop and valve-driven reverb. The Rockerverb 100 MKII head utilises a two stage clean channel with a four stage dirty channel.

The Clean Channel delivers a super rich clean tone with beautiful harmonic overtones. It is a non-master channel, much like vintage Orange amps, and when cranked the power section breaks up faster, delivering the most classic British crunch imaginable.

The Dirty Channel has four stages of unadulterated filth, but it is NOT a one-trick pony. Move the Gain knob from 0 to 10, and as you do you’ll find a variety of Orange tones, from metal to fusion, rock to blues… there’s even some country in there.

All 100 watt Rockerverb Mark II amps offer switchable output valves. This means you can swap the factory fitted EL34 output valves to 6L6s, KT88s, or 6550s. Just make sure you take your amp to a tech for rebiasing!


Model: Rockerverb 100w MKII Head

Series: Rockerverb Series

Colour: Orange

Type: Vacuum Tube


Wattage: 100 Watts

Preamp Tubes: 4 X ECC83/12AX7

Power Tubes: 4 X EL34

FX Loop: 1 XECC81/12AT7

Reverb: 2 X ECC81/12AT7

Controls: Reverb, Dirty Channel Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass & Gain. Clean Channel Treble, Middle, Bass & Volume.

Weight and Dimensions: (Unboxed)

Height: 27cm

Depth: 28cm

Width: 55cm

Weight: 24.75kg