Orange MD20 Micro Dark - 20w Amplifier Head

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The Micro Dark shares the same intuitive Shape control combined with a new 12AX7-driven high gain preamp section which yields screaming dirty tones that make a mockery of its miniature frame. Like its bigger brothers, however, the Micro Dark’s smoky black chassis and simple layout actually disguises its cunning versatility.

Of course, there’s plenty of gain on tap to satisfy even the most discerning devotee of distortion, but this little beast is by no means just a one-trick Metal monster! Beneath the menacing exterior you’ll find a rich and diverse pallette of classy and confident tones. From squeaky clean to brash and mean – whatever your style – you’re gonna love this thing.

Other features include a transparent fully buffered effects loop and a headphone output with our popular CabSim circuitry. With the optional PPC108 cabinet, the Micro is an ideal practice rig… Plug into something a little larger, though, and you might find your new secret weapon in the studio!


Model: MD20

Series: Micro

Colour: Black

Type: Hybrid


Wattage: 20 Watts

Preamp Tubes: 1 X 12AX7

Controls: Gain, Shape, Volume

Weight and Dimensions: (Unboxed)

Height: 13.5cm

Depth: 9.5cm

Width: 16.5cm

Weight: 0.78kg