Marshall 1958X – Handwired 18W 2X10 Combo Tube Amp

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The 1958X is a hand-soldered re-issue of the revered 1958, 18 Watt all-valve, 2 x 10″ combo. A painstakingly accurate re-issue, the 1958X is a straightforward amp that likes to be turned right up, overdriving its EL84 power valves; the 1958X sounds its best when cranked, producing harmonically complex and full, rich tone. But because of its lower Wattage, the 1958X will produce authentic Marshall tone at a volume that won’t shift your hearing.

For further authenticity, the 1958X also features valve-driven Tremolo, and just like the 1973X, has no negative feedback in its cathode-biased output stage.

The original Greenback speakers used in the 1958 combo would mature over time, their sound softening with age. The special 10″ Celestion G10-F15 Greenbacks in the 1958X have been ‘aged’ to get as close as possible to that vintage, worn in, ’60s vibe.




Model: 1958X

Range: Handwired

Technology: Valve

Channels: 2


Wattage: 18W

Inputs: 2X2

Controls: Tone and Volume X2, Speed, Intensity


Size: 2X10

Output Power (Each): 15W

Name: Celestion G10-F15

Impedance (Each): 16Ohm


Preamp Valves: 2 X ECC83

Power Amp Valves: 1 X ECC83, 2 X EL84

Rectifier: 1 X EZ81


Footswitch: PEDL-10034 Included (Vintage Footpedal)

Cables: Power


Weight (Kg): 19.5

Dimensions in mm (W X H X D): 610 X 535 X 230