Ludwig Black Magic Snare Drum - 14"x5.5"

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Snare Drums

Often imitated, never duplicated, Ludwig snare drums have been the industry standard since 1911. The tradition and quality continues on today better than ever with a sound that could only be Ludwig. Listen to any hit song from the 60's through today and chances are you're hearing a Ludwig Snare Drum.

Ludwig Snare Drums are the most toured and recorded snare drum in the world and with good reason. From the smooth round perfection of the bearing edge to the precision form of the snare bed, Ludwig Snare Drums are in a league of their own.

Black Magic

Built to focus on tight, crisp projection, the 7" depth on this 13" model ads full-bodied sonic elements to its powerful attack. Beaded Black Nickel over Brass Shell w/ Matching Die Cast Hoops and Tube-Lugs.

Ludwig pioneered the black-nickel over brass shell concept in the early 1920's, setting a standard that all others would follow. Black Magic Snare Drums bring that signature sound and quality to a whole new playing spectrum, with four models to satisfy any playing situation. Accentuated with matching tube lugs and die-cast hoops, Black Magic snares deliver classic tone that drummers have come to expect from Ludwig.

Black Magic Snare Drums with Chrome Hardware

LW0713C - 7X13 with Chrome 2.3 mm Hoops and Tube Lugs

LW5514C - 5.5X14 with Chrome 2.3 mm Hoops and Tube Lugs

LW6514C - 6.5X14 with Chrome 2.3 mm Hoops and Tube Lugs

LW0814C - 8X14 with Chrome 2.3 mm Hoops and Tube Lugs

Black Magic Snare Drums are also available with Chrome 2.3 mm Hoops and Chrome Tube Lugs.