EDS 908-180-K3 Electronic Drum Kit

All the pros and features of the EDS 908-180 with an additional tom and crash cymbal for enhanced performance. Aesthetically impressive with an astounding feel, this kit is a champion among EDS drums and electronic kits in general.

Drum kit:

-Metal Frame (rack stand and curved drum rack)
-Drum Module (EDS-908) with mounting bracket and power adaptor
-Mesh Head Dual Trigger Snare Drum
-4 Mesh Head Dual Trigger Tom Drums
-Mesh Head Bass Drum Trigger Pad
-Bass Drum Pedal
-3 Cymbals (2 crash and 1 ride) with boom stands
-Hi-Hat with open/close control
-Hi-Hat Stand with pedal

Module features:

-22 preset drum kits sound sets and 5 user defined drum kits
-Pitch, level, pan, reverb, velocity, sens, mask and note ID customisation
-Velocity sensitivity
-Recording and playback
-Training mode with adjustable volume and tempo
-Training backing tracks in 43 preset rhythm styles and one custom style
-Master Volume control
-MP3 Volume Control
-Line output
-Headphone output
-USB output
-Line input