EDS 900-2 Electronic Drum Kit

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For the drummer on the go, this set folds and fits into a bag that can be carried around with ease. A light metal frame keeps the kit sturdy without making it too heavy to carry comfortably. All the benefits of the EDS 900-1 and it fits in a bag!

Drum Kit:

-Foldable Metal Frame
-Drum Module (WD-900) with mounting bracket and power adaptor
-4 Mesh Head Snare/Tom drum pads
-Bass Drum Trigger Pedal
-3 Cymbal pads (1 crash, 1 ride, 1 hi-hat)
-Hi-Hat control pedal

Comes with carry bag

Module features:

-21 preset drum kits sound sets and 1 user defined drum kit
-Velocity sensitivity
-43 preset backing tracks and one custom track
-Master Volume control
-Line output
-Headphone output
-USB output
-Line input