EDS 900-1 Electronic Drum Kit

The perfect kit for anyone from the beginner looking to see if drums is the right instrument for them to the experienced drummer who needs a space-saving and quiet kit to practice on. The mesh skins emulate the feel of hitting real drums while being highly compact and, with multiple outputs, this kit can be run through headphones, speakers or directly into a computer for silent practicing, rocking out with friends or recording.

The built in backing tracks and metronome functions are perfect for helping new drummers develop a strong sense of rhythm.

Drum Kit:

-Metal Frame
-Drum Module (WD-900) with mounting bracket and power adaptor
-4 Mesh Head Snare/Tom drum pads
-Mesh Head Bass Drum Trigger Pad
-Bass Drum Pedal
-3 Cymbal pads (1 crash, 1 ride, 1 hi-hat)
-Hi-Hat control pedal

Module features:

-21 preset drum kits sound sets and 1 user defined drum kit
-Velocity sensitivity
-43 preset backing tracks and one custom track
-Master Volume control
-Line output
-Headphone output
-USB output
-Line input