Alesis Strike Expansion Pack

Turn your Alesis Strike Kit into an Alesis Strike Pro Kit with this Alesis Strike expansion pack. This add-on expansion pack combines the feel of acoustic drums with the versatility of the very best electronic drums to let you enjoy the best of both worlds without giving up what you love about either type. The dual-hoop pads have mesh heads that provide a deeply responsive drumming experience, with sensitivity adjustment knobs that put you in control of the feel. The wood shell drums come in standard acoustic drum sizes to make you feel instantly comfortable and ready to play.

The strike cymbals in this expansion pack feel beautifully realistic, with the control and bounce you're looking for. Their larger bell area makes them exceptionally playable, and their hammered design just looks cool. This Alesis Strike expansion pack's performance module comes with 100 new drum kits in its sound library, totaling more than 1,600 sampled instruments. Enjoy USB/MIDI connectivity to hook the module up to your favourite music production software.

  • 2 x 14" dual-zone Chokeable Crash cymbal
  • 1 x 14" tom
  • All mounting hardware for extra cymbals and tom