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October 09, 2020 2 min read

The Fender Vintera Road Worn Series are here.

We have been waiting for the Fender Vintera Road Worn series for a while now with much anticipation. If you are a Fender enthusiast, you will be familiar with previous Road Worn releases and the popularity associated with these relic'd guitars at a budget price point. 

For those not across the release of Fender's Vintera range, the Vintera are a Mexican made, budget alternative to their famous USA engineered 50's, 60's & 70's spec'd instruments that have made Fender one of the leading guitar manufactures in the world. Although the Road Worn series is a limited run that's focus remains on aesthetic, the distressing of the instrument (in particular the neck) gives these guitars a sense of a well loved instrument and is instantly a comfortable and familiar feel. This does give an instant advantage to a player and is a welcomed feature. 

When comparing a Vintera 50s Stratocaster to a Road Worn Vintera 50s Stratocaster, their specs do not differ. Both are exceptional budget instruments, provided at a more than fair price point. It is very difficult to find an instrument with a Road Worn finish in this price point and for that reason, there isn't much competition in it's range. Although the relicing is not quite as heavy as I would personally love, there are some great attentions made for a mass produced product. The neck really grabbed my attention from the moment I picked it up. It feels amazing and reminded me of guitars I own that I've taken around the world, taken knocks and developed a story with. When you spend enough time with an instrument and wear it in, you develop a connection that makes you feel confident when you play. The Vintera Road Worn offer a surprisingly close feel to my beloved war horse guitars from the first chords. This is a feature that are absent in the standard Vinteras. 

Are they worth the hype? Absolutely! 

Authored 11 Sep by Lachy